TENMAX was founded by people out of the rotating equipment world. We are driven by the fact that no supplier can deliver a whole range materials against a price and delivery time that justifies a standard use in rotating equipment by the OEM.

We developed our own range of composite materials which is specially designed for the use in rotating equipment and to improve the MTBR (Mean Time Between Repair). TENMAX composites outperform every other material and is in many cases the best solution to replace metal parts. Best quality can be offered to satisfy the high demands of today’s customers due to the fact that TENMAX controls the whole process from compounding the base material and machining the finished parts in one of our own facilities.

Because of our rotating equipment background no company can help you better to design your parts. Besides the standard range of composite materials, we have more than 100 different compounds to suit your specific needs.

TENMAX differentiates by offering the best quality against low prices and very short lead times, and an one stop shopping partner for rotating equipment materials.

Upgrading your rotating equipment is our mission… and huge savings on energy our goal!

Due to improvement of your equipment efficiency you can safe engery and money with a return on investment of one year! In this time of high energy costs and looking after green solutions our materials can be a simple and easy way to help our environment and your profit.

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